Smarter Education Action Group

In addition to our “official vision”, the Smarter Education group adopted this vision for action:

Overall, the vision is to brand Cape Cod as an Intellectual Destination through the evolution of new platforms for all three educational levels: pre-K-12, Higher Education and Lifelong Learning using new and existing resources.

Here is an excerpt from the Smarter Education concept paper:

We offer the following concepts as steps toward accomplishing the goal of turning Cape Cod into an Intellectual Destination.  When identifying these concepts, we asked ourselves: What effect will a gigabyte have? 

  1. For K-12 students and faculty: Extend school and/or community center hours in appropriate locations to allow for digital inclusion for off-hours access so learning takes place across all economic strata.
  2. Foster the concept of restructuring access to learning opportunities for students and faculty across town borders, regionally, and globally. (Addresses geographic boundary issue.)
  3. Examine the roles of libraries as information centers and future relationships to smarter educational interactivity and entrepreneurism.
  4. Identify the opportunities for additional partnerships with higher educational institutions that support the six identified areas of study that are Cape Cod’s strength. Define the models for the pursuit of these programs and new types of accreditation.
  5. Identify other communities using desirable models of “smarter education” for all three target populations. Is their approach adaptable to Cape Cod?
  6. Create higher education, continuing education, and life-long learning opportunities using non-traditional Cape-based resources, especially in visual and performing arts, environmental and marine science, land use planning, hospitality, and medical support services.
  7. Look for educational opportunities that tie the Cape’s program of studies to advanced manufacturing and other entrepreneurial ventures.

For the full paper text click here.