Regional Telecommunications & IT Survey and Audit

In Fall of 2011, the Cape Cod Economic Development Council recommended to the County Commissioners that a regional IT survey be undertaken for the sole purpose of creating an inventory of the 15 municipalities, schools, libraries, and public safety institutions on Cape Cod.  The completion of such a survey will lay the groundwork for regional planners and problem solvers to begin to determine how our institutions and citizens might share community resources through the innovative applications of technology in our region.  The RFP was issued in early 2012, and the award of the project was made in March.  Interisle Consulting Group began in April and is on plan to complete the project by year’s end, 2012.  The goal is to assemble information and insights that will inform and facilitate effective planning.  Before planning begins, it is essential to understand the problem from all perspectives.  The source of the funds that supported this mission-critical project is the county share of the Cape & Island License Plate fund—which is targeted to support economic development on Cape Cod