Smarter Cape Cod Vision

The following vision statement is the result of two formal “visioning” sessions held on Cape Cod.  The Intelligent Community Forum facilitated the first in September of 2011.  Forty community leaders of diverse geographic and employment backgrounds attended this session. The second session was open to the public.   Approximately seventy-five persons offered feedback and committed to work with us to transform Cape Cod to a smarter place to live, work, play and create. The six sub-visions that appear below serve as guides to the action plans for our established working groups.

SmarterCape 2025 Vision (v8: Jan 6, 2012) 

In 2025 Cape Cod is a transformative community that enhances and further develops its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and culture of creativity through the use of technology and communication while preserving its unique history and natural beauty to create an exceptional place to live, work, and visit.

In a Smarter Cape Cod:

Smarter Environment preserves, restores and sustains our precious natural assets. Natural resources are efficiently managed through Smartgrid technologies and conservation, and energy is produced locally from bioenergy, solar, wind and water technologies, some of which are developed in our own centers of academic and research excellence.  Comprehensive water and waste water management and sustainable land use practices preserve the integrity of our environment. 

Smarter Development creates thriving and vibrant village centers where everything needed to live and work is nearby and accessible by bicycle and pedestrian friendly streets. Open air markets and diverse retail, office and residential multi-story development are commonplace within villages.

Smarter Economy builds on current strengths, while boldly pursuing growth and diversification of the full year economy to create high-paying jobs based on innovation, technology, and a knowledge workforce.  Thriving local agriculture, fishing, aquaculture, health care, retail, and cultural and creative sectors, along with an extended visitor season, provide a strong economic foundation.  Ubiquitous high capacity fixed and mobile broadband access opens doors to new economic opportunities for all the residents of our region.

Smarter Education harnesses and engages the energy of our youth and the knowledge and experience of our adults to create a knowledge workforce that  competes in the global economy.  Robust collaborations between government, business and the academic and research communities catalyze innovative partnerships for research, product and services development, and the creation of new businesses.

Smarter Healthcare ensures access to the highest quality local and remote hospitals, physicians, technologies and services in the most efficient and affordable way, creating a strong andhealthy population. 

Smarter Transportation creates a more effective and efficient multi-modal flow of people and commerce between Cape Cod, Boston, Providence, New York and the world; while Intelligent Transportation Systems support a transformation of transportation management on the Cape that reduces traffic congestion and increases transportation options.

Smarter Government harnesses technology to collaborate across historical boundaries, providing efficient services, a sustainable revenue model, and a vibrant participatory civic governance, while supporting the SmarterCape goals to provide the best possible quality of life for our residents, the best possible experience for our visitors, and increasing the overall economic output of our region.