Key Stakeholders

cc-chamber-logoCape Cod Chamber:  The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce is a non-partisan organization.  In fulfilling its mission to advocate, educate and work on behalf of the Cape Cod business community, they meet with and work with all elected officials, and strive to inform candidates for elected office about the issues confronting our business community.  The Cape Cod Chamber is an independent organization, and is not connected to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and their public policy positions. The Cape Cod Chamber plays a key role in transforming our community to one in which we want to live, work, play, and create.

CCCommission_2CCape Cod Commission: The Cape Cod Commission’s mission is to…keep a special place special…to protect the unique values and quality of life on Cape Cod by coordinating a balanced relationship between environmental protection and economic progress. The Cape Cod Commission carries out this mission by leading, supporting, and enforcing the development of regional plans, policies, regulations, and infrastructure to guide and manage growth, and by supporting the 15 Cape Cod towns with professional and cost-effective planning and technical support services. The Cape Cod Commission  is working toward a Smarter Cape Cod by leading innovative developments in wastewater planning, e-government services, smarter transportation and the creation of smarter development regulations.

cc-edc-logoCape Cod Economic Development Council: The mission of the EDC is “to improve the quality of life for all residents of Barnstable County by fostering public policies and financing, through grants, activities that lead to a healthy year-round economy compatible with the Cape Cod environment and culture.” The EDC accomplishes this mission by providing financial support for innovative projects that strengthen the Cape’s economy and collaborating with the non-profit, public and private sectors on a variety of economic and workforce development initiatives.  The CCEDC has been an active partner in a Smarter Cape Cod by contributing seed financing to the OpenCape project and  funded the Cape Cod Technology Audit and Inventory in order to assess the existing telecommunications and IT systems for the public components of our fifteen communities.

cctc-logoCape Cod Technology Council: Cape Cod Technology Council, Inc. (CCTC) is a membership-based, events-oriented non-profit organization promoting technology, its uses and understanding on Cape Cod, the Islands, and in Southeastern Massachusetts.  CCTC’s mission, sometimes done in collaboration with others, is to communicate, promote, educate, and mentor the advancement of technologies within all sectors on Cape Cod and adjacent areas in southeastern Massachusetts to aid and abet their advancement and economic viability as well as that of the geographical region in which they reside. The CCTC has been an early and staunch advocate for a Smarter Cape Cod. Without their foresight, determination, and leadership, OpenCape would not  be reality today, and  we would not be pursuing a smarter future on Cape Cod.

ccyp-150Cape Cod Young Professionals (CCYP) is leading the way to develop solutions with the goal of retaining and recruiting a diverse workforce for our region, building healthy and vibrant communities and increasing civic engagement for the betterment of the future of Cape Cod.  The mission of CCYP is to CONNECT the emerging workforce and future leaders, ENGAGE them in our community, and to support their efforts to ADVANCE their lives, both business and personal, on the Cape. CCYP accomplishes this mission by advocating for young professionals on the Cape and creating networking, educational, and service opportunities that foster professional development.

HB&RACC-65th-LogoThe Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod (HBRACC) is a volunteer-driven trade association, consisting of hundreds member companies, representing thousands of industry professionals. We represent the home building industry on Cape Cod: builders and remodelers, suppliers, sub-contractors and other associates. Our members and audience are home buyers and home owners, educators, advocates, public officials, taxpayers and businesses. There are more than 270 builder and associate members that make up the fabric of today’s HBRACC.  Builder members are those firms that are actively involved in construction, remodeling or land development. Associate members are those firms that support the housing industry directly or serve those businesses actively involved in the home building process.

The Association’s mission is to support homeownership on Cape Cod and its trade members through: legislative, educational, business and civic endeavors. Association members adhere to a strong professional code of ethics ensuring that consumers receive the highest quality of service within the industry. We strive to broaden our influence as the industry’s voice.

OpenCapeLogo-150OpenCape, Inc:  The non-profit 501(c)3 OpenCape Corporation was awarded a $32 million Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) grant on February 28, 2010. The $32 million BTOP grant will be combined with matching funds totaling $8 million to construct a comprehensive middle mile communications network to support the economic, educational, public safety and governmental needs of the southeast Massachusetts region.  The OpenCape board of directors represents the geographical diversity of the OpenCape project. Plainly stated, without OpenCape, our vision for a Smarter Cape Cod would be just a dream.  Now that we have OpenCape, our dream is becoming reality.