Cape Cod Commission Water Quality Initiative Meetings

The Cape Cod Commission is seeking residents across the Cape to participate in watershed-level groups to assist in the development of the Section 208 Areawide Water Quality Management Plan Update for Cape Cod.  The Commission is seeking citizens from diverse walks of life, owners of businesses, and members of various civic organizations to come join the effort.

In January, the Commission was directed by the Commonwealth to prepare an update to the 1978 Plan, developed under Section 208 of the federal Clean Water Act. Watershed Working Groups will assist in developing a set of options within each watershed area. The goal is not to find the perfect solution, but to explore and identify a supportable and implementable set of options to improve water quality, meet regulatory requirements, provide efficiencies across Towns, where appropriate, and improve the quality of life on the Cape.

The Water Quality Initiative web site has information about the 208 Plan, as well as a calendar of open meetings available to interested stakeholders.

>Cape Cod Commission Water Quality Initiative

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